Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Hiking in Finland Advent Calendar

Hendrik over at Hiking In Finland (a fine UL oriented blog) is doing a great holiday giveaway. I'll be taking a shot so prepare yourself! :D

Well done, Hendrik!

From Hiking In Finland:

The Hiking in Finland Advent Calendar

Over the next 24 days you will be able to win each day a piece of kit. From pullovers over backpacks to climbing gear, each day one post with a sweet piece of kit goes online, and will be raffled off to a lucky Hiking in Finland reader. There will be some rules and tasks, though:

1. You only can win once. This adds a bit of a gamble to the whole calendar, and makes you take risks with when & where you post your comment. Of course if you don't win one day, you still can try your luck the next day!
2. Generally you only need to comment to participate, but on some occasions there might be additional stuff you need to do to qualify.
3. It is open to everyone. As in from Afghanistan to Zambia, I send prices everywhere. And as I pay the postage out of my pocket, don't expect priority & signed shipping for huge items.
4. If you win, and I don't hear from you by the next day via Email, you lose and it goes to the second in line.
5. Posts go online in the morning at six, and entering closes at noon - Finnish time. I then will annex the post with the winner (+ 2nd and 3rd places) to keep updates to a minimum.
6. You can't bribe me or anyone involved to win. You use the item(s) on your own responsibility. Use common sense.

That's it, really. The Advent Calendar starts on Thursday, the 1st of December. Become a Follower, subscribe to the RSS feed, follow on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter to stay up-to-date and don't miss it!

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