Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Biking in South Carolina!

It isn't every day (or every decade) that you get to do a little riding in the snow here in South Carolina. Jenny did the math yesterday - we've recorded the same amount of accumulation in our lifetime in South Carolina as Washington DC did in the last few days of snowmageddon. Needless to say, when we get 8 inches of powder on the ground its a big deal... and a LOT OF FUN.

Foster & I had to go out and test out the conditions late Friday night of course. We only have a light cover in these photos but we ended up getting somewhere around 8 inches of snow.

Kate didn't get to go out and play in the snow Friday night. It was cold, a little windy and the snow was wet. Kate protested and ultimately compromised by playing with some inside snow.

We've always known that Foster wasn't much of a water dog but who knew he would be so into playing in the snow. He absolutely LOVES it. There's only one thing better than frisbee... SNOW FRISBEE!

You might not expect a girl raised in the south to be an expert on all things snow related... Jenny will surprise you, though. I asked her to give me some lessons on proper snow angel making.

Step 1. Find a nice patch of pristine snow.

Step 2. Pick the right spot. You know its a good one when it makes you smile.

Step 3. Lay back flat (not face down, please).

Step 4. Swish your arms and legs around.

Step 5. Appreciate the quality of your work.

My form isn't as good but its not bad for a rookie.

And riding... don't forget there was some quality fooling around to do. I'm only on 2.4"s but I still had a blast. As Kate would say, "GO GO GO!"

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