Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Sheep Bikes

I took a trip out to Denver & Ft. Collins with the family this weekend. We were able to make it to the Black Sheep HQ & visit good friends. GREAT weekend. Here are photos of the new bike on the jig.


  1. Cool... you're getting the frame that I wanted James to build me but could get him to understand what I wanted... even with photos.

    Enjoy it! I've now sold my Black Sheep and have moved on to an IF and eventually a Retrotec. I still hold out hope for a real McClung one day though.

    Anyway... she's pretty!

  2. Wunn - odd that you had problems communicating with James. The process was easy and James was very flexible about the overall design. The process of designing this bike has been a fantastic. I can't wait to throw a leg over the finished product!