Saturday, April 23, 2011

37 Miles With Just Me & Molly (my Black Sheep)

Nothing special here - it was just a good day and I thought I'd share. The weather jammed up my plans to take a 2 night hike with dad in the Foothills earlier in the week so I've been a little bummed. Saturday made up for it, though. I was able to pop off 37 miles of asphalt, single track & jeep trail and I had lunch on the trail while I was at it. Good stuff.

 Grind grind grind... it never takes long to remember why I hate road riding.

Happy Meal (ramen noodles made with my Caldera Cone)

Miles and miles of gravel jeep trail... alone as it should be

Take time to smell the flowers dandelions

 Lazy bike... wanted to lay around and frolic in the flowers all day


  1. As always, looks like you had a great ride!

  2. I'm very curious. Where are these miles and miles of jeep trails? I would love to visit them with my CX bike!

  3. Justin, it was a combination of the service trails at Harbison and power line roads.

  4. Looks like a day that was WELL spent.