Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TNGA Double Fail

So, yesterday's ride made it abundantly clear that my body isn't much in the mood for riding the TNGA this year. I knocked off a meager 22 miles at Harbison and came home with my tail between my legs. It isn't fitness... my body just shuts down. So far the brightest minds in the local medical community can only confirm that I have solid lung volume (~6L) and that I'm devilishly handsome. My lawyers forced me to say that it is possible that one of those statements is embellished. I've been testing an Albuterol inhaler but it turns out that its really no help. Bummed... big time bummed. This must be what its like to wake up and realize that you're Lindsey Lohan. Wait... not that bad.


  1. Hey Don, I have struggled with this as well (not knowing what it is to be devilishly handsome, I'm talking about faulty lung volume) takes some time to really start using the Albuterol properly, but happily there are different formulations that might work better. Good luck!

  2. Better Lohan than Winehouse, my friend.