Friday, December 31, 2010


I drove down to FATS in Augusta for a ride yesterday. I managed 27 miles of riding on some of the best trail in the area. There were several limbo trees on the trail. I slowed down for the first few but they all seemed to be at a height that was easy enough to slide under with minimal effort. Later in the day, I skimmed under one of them at about 15mph. At the last second it was obvious that this one was a little lower than the others. Even with extra effort on the duck & lean I nicked the back of my helmet and Camelbak. Yow...

Taking a break

Lots of trail armor. FATS is the model for proper trail maintenance.

I took a break to cook some lunch at the trailhead (Ramen followed by grits). I forgot my spoon so I made some chopsticks out of a downed limb. The guy from Atlanta I was talking to while eating had a tough time understanding how I could eat food with sticks.

There are tons of dwarf palmetto palms growing in the FATS area. In one steep creek bed there were hundreds of them. I would have loved to see them in the snow earlier this week.

Happy... tired. I came home and went into a coma. My legs are concrete today.


  1. I've got snowboarding on the brain but it's nice to know there is singletrack being ridden in late December.

  2. Looks like a good day by anyone's standard.