Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Midlands Area IMBA/SORBA Chapter Formation

Several people from the local rider base have come together to coordinate the formation of a local IMBA / SORBA chapter. The benefits of a local chapter include:
  • Development of local trail systems
  • Promotion of mountain biking awareness in the area
  • Increases ridership in the local community
  • Serves as a group for the local rider base meet new people
  • Coordination of group rides
  • Making riding fun for everyone!
To create a new chapter we need 50 members registered with IMBA in the area. You can go to - When it asks for a local chapter affiliation - choose "I don't have a local chapter. When you join, please send me a quick email to let me know so we can make sure that your membership is counted as part of the 50 in the area.

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