Monday, February 14, 2011

Having fun...

I took the Peregrine out for a ride Sunday. A little road, a little power line track, a little disappearing farm trail, then a little ride through the woods with no trail. This is the kind of fun you're supposed to be having outside. I smiled a lot...

Finally, I came to this tunnel. Fun ride through with 4 in of water in the bottom. Its a lot longer than the photo I took with my phone makes it look. Veeerrrryyy dark in the middle.

I forgot how much I love Stan's... flats can be part of the adventure but they don't have to be.

Ready to rock! I figured my luck was running a little low... no need to buy a lottery ticket. Plus your odds of survival in a back country convenience store in lycra is slim.

Q: How many flats can you have in 20 miles?
A: At least two.

Salsa has this part right!

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