Friday, February 25, 2011

NAHBS 2011 - Austin, TX

My work travel gave me a chance to hit NAHBS (North American Handbuilt Bike Show) in Austin, TX today. The show was amazing! I took lots of photos with the phone, talked to a lot of friends that I've made over the years and met a few more. Click on this text for a link to all of the photos on Flickr.

A few choice shots are here on the blog.

If this one fit in my suitcase I might be sleeping in the back yard when I make it home. It might be worth it.

Kent Eriksen had this bike in his booth. This is set up like the owner rides it! Look where that seat lines up on my body. I'm 6'1" for reference... this cat is 6'10". I'd need a ladder...

Black Cat. Simple & sexy.

Six Eleven bikes is out of my birthplace (Roanoke). Gorgeous bikes (4 in the booth) and a great people too. This guy is going to catch fire when he gets a little exposure.

Everyone knows I'm partial to Black Sheep bicycles. The 36er was here. James wouldn't allow me to do 36er wheelies at the show. Bah.

This one is going to race the Tour Divide this year. Sweet bike. Just sweet. I don't need those integrated bars... don't need them... don't need them.

I did a little shopping for Kate. I think this one is perfect. No need for those cable stops, though. She's a singlespeed fanatic like her Da.

The show had some silly bikes here as well. I typically ride with a little more drop than this. ;)

Engin has a LONG lead time but their bikes are definitely sleek.

Proper recharge at Jo's in downtown Austin. Veggie chili, potato salad & locally brewed heffeweissen.

Best of all? I get to fly home to see my girls tomorrow. I scheduled a 5:45am flight so I'd miss as little of Saturday with them as possible. See you soon!!!


  1. That Black Sheep is awesome. I don't jack about bikes, but the lines of that bike are the sweetness.

  2. I can't wait i fly in tomorrow.

  3. Was Black Sheep showing a new/improved stHighlight?

  4. Nice Stuff. I've always liked the Engin and Black Cat displays. Thier bikes are so clean.