Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Monster is Growing...

As if the TNGA (my personal nemesis) wasn't long enough, someone decided to tack on another 300 miles to connect it to Pisgah. Yeah, that's 622 miles with 90,000 ft of climbing. That's like riding to the top of Mt. Everest from sea level 3.1 times if you're keeping score. Here's a link to the route.

I'd go ahead and ride it this month and post a trip report but I'm still recovering from this spinal surgery. Yeah... ;)


  1. Wow, ton of climbing in terms of ft/mile (2x+ than Tour Divide). I figure that's a 8-10 day trek considering the Pisgah singletrack hike-a-biking.
    It will be interesting when we finally get to the point of a ECD route despite it not really following the ECD very closely.

    Good luck with continued recovery!

  2. Matt, it's the perfect route to break in the Kish! Get those frame bags on order!

    I'm actually out of the house today and plan on a full work week week starting tomorrow. Still a fair amount of lingering pain but it makes me tougher right?!


  3. You could be right, although my gut says to start smaller and work up to such a beast. Losing 40lbs would certainly help in regards to climbing... baby steps.

    Great news on the recovery. Glad you are getting some fresh air!

  4. Came across this on thread and was wondering if you knew who/where there is more info on the route from end of TNGA to Pisgah. I've got some info on linking up Asheville to Boone, NC as well however some of the trails are not quite legal...shhhh. Still working on finding a legal way but I think it would include lots of gravel.

  5. Ryan, there's lots of info on Please avoid the poached trails... it eventually leads to less access for all of us. There's a great SORBA group in the area that fights hard for community awareness and access. It just takes one person to ruin years of good will.

  6. Curious about "ride with GPS"... I was going to grab a GPX version of the new route for further research and it said I needed a premium account.

    I've got no problems paying for a good useful service but I know nothing about ride with GPS and this pay for access to other people's content sends up a red flag for me. Is there some reason you would recommend this service or is this just a randsome notice?

    Also, is there some other place I can grab the GPX data?

    1. Please pardon my ignorance of ride with GPS... that's just their direct to garmin export feature that requires a premium membership. I was able to grab the GPX file without signing up. I'm really stoked about the idea of a long distance trail in the east. 662 miles, 90k verticle feet. That's crazy verticle. I'm going to hop over to the bikepacking forums and start reading up on the new route.

  7. MM - glad you found the GPX. Believe the vertical stats... on the small portions I've ridden I can confirm that its silly steep. Good luck!