Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid (cuben) & MYOG Firestarter

My birthday rolled through Saturday. I expected a good day and it was. Just to add a little bit extra I was treated to a pleasant surprise in the mail. Mountain Laurel Designs got my Duomid & solo inner to me two weeks early AND on my birthday. NICE!

Duomid set up with my LT4 and solo inner... tons of space in there and a bomber pitch

You really have to see it in person to appreciate it...
 I also took a little time to try out a project to MYOG your own fire starters that JERMM posted not too long ago. We don't have any candles to donate so I used parafin wax instead. It melts easily on the stovetop set to low and they set quickly on a sheet of aluminum foil (wax paper would probably work better but we didn't have any). They're light, weatherproof and burn like mad. Give it a whirl & thanks to JERMM for the tip.


  1. That could possibly be the ultimate solo+ shelter for all seasons and all regions in the lower 48. Good call Don.

  2. Don you got for your b-day exactly what I thought I was getting for mine and didn't :(
    hmmm..I wonder if MLD mislabeled when shipped...nah just kinding, anyway very nice shelter you have there

    glad you like the fire starters

  3. Happy belated Don!! Love the fire starter idea.