Sunday, February 26, 2012

Backcountry Boiler Stopper Project

Nothing is perfect. My wife would probably say that I can never leave well enough alone. Either way, I've been fiddling with solutions for my Backcountry Boiler to improve the pour and replace the relatively heavy stock stopper.

The stock silicone stopper weighs 3/8oz (14g). It isn't earth shattering weight but it is a touch portly for its function in life. I started this project as a simple way of cutting the weight down while still plugging the boiler. I've changed scope after deciding that I'll probably never use the boiler to transport water. The new plan? Make the boiler's pour friendlier.

I made the (less than stellar) video below to show a few different solutions I've explored. I'm less than overwhelmed by any of them but I'd say they're a good start. I like the concept of the snap in style spout but the current evolution doesn't perform well when the boiler is full and isn't particularly heat resistant. For the next experiment I'm considering a MYOG stopper spout like you see in the olive oil dispensers at Italian restaurants using the stock plug trimmed way down and some lightweight aluminum tubing. More on that later. Without further delay...


  1. Nice heads up. It should be fairly easy to make a funnel or pour lip from AL and either epoxy, JB Weld, etc it onto the top. Obviously it will protrude out and will be an area of increased bumps and bruises. Maybe reach out to Mr. Montgomery. I haven't picked up one yet but and anxious to, especially since he now has an alcohol wick to use in conjunction with the boiler, when they become available again. Good luck!

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