Monday, October 2, 2017

Eastatoe Gorge

Jenny & I took the kids to the Eastatoe Gorge Trail back at the beginning of September. We walked down to the creek to hunt for salamanders and crayfish. After we got back to the Jeep, we went under the bridge to see what it was like to swim in a mountain river. I was a little ashamed to learn that neither my kids or my wife had done that yet. What sort of patriarch am I? 

These two love to get out in the woods. We love taking them. 

The boy & his pack... it's possible that he does not believe in the principals of ultralight hiking.

Famous Kate. Always happy.

Ready for lunch!

Hunting for creek dwellers

You know me and my macro shots

Happiness is simple

There was a lot of stunning color

The Eastatoe narrows. If you're there without little ones, definitely follow the creek down to this spot. It is absolutely beautiful and a really good spot to swim. 

Mason taking a VERY close look at a wooly caterpillar

We were looking for salamanders & crayfish. We scored on both fronts! This guy was treated to a custom made creekside pool after the stresses of being observed.

More and more hunting...

Kate & I had to agree to disagree on whether this was raccoon or red panda prints

I have to admit I was amused by the family's optimism to find a crayfish on command. They found this monster under the first rock they flipped!