Monday, October 16, 2017

Jocassee Overland Trip

Kate and I watch overlanding trip with expedition teams like Expedition Overland at bedtime. She decided that we need a name for our trips and picked Expedition Jeep. So with that, here's the latest outing for the Expedition Jeep team. 

We loaded up Saturday morning and got on the road around midday. We routed through Rocky Bottom to Horsepasture Road to Boot Leg Road (both forest service roads). 

Beautiful views as always

Still not a lot of Fall color

I love open gates. This is the gate at Jumping Off Rock leading down to Lake Jocassee

The view from Jumping Off Rock


Still working out the kinks on the setup but really love the system we have so far

Not a bad place to spend an evening

The views are stunning in Lake Jocassee. Photos don't do it justice.

Outside makes kids happy

It makes them super happy

I enjoy cooking in the wild. 

I make a mean chicken pasole

Peaceful sunset

The drive out was foggy. It was a new and beautiful way to see the ridges over Jocassee.


  1. Fun trip! I think the setting by the lake might be my favorite so far. :)

  2. Another fun adventure!! Can't wait to see some fall color.